sexta-feira, maio 12, 2017

An odd kind of light

We walked through the shade of day,
We walked through the darkest night.
I followed you hand in hand
and walked side by side.
There I felt the chilling warmth
of your odd kind of light.
For your kiss gave me peace
and your arms held me tight.

There is no lost love,
There is no lost fight.
For love is just a cause
Which eventually puts it right.

But now the room is cold and dreary
and the sunset isn´t bright.
I sit in the storm and rain
But safe, under your odd kind of light.

It came the day
the knife crossed my chest.
Ever so soft, ever so might...

Whoever laughed at my pain
Let them know:
There is no greater pain,
There is no greater sight
Then ever loving
Your odd kind of light.

Mouro, R.

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